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Providing care and compassion to those who have lost a spouse all over the world.

WE Speak

WE Speak

Offers coaching to the widowed and their families during the grieving period following their loss

WE Speak

WE Speak

Hosts impact retreats that provide a sacred space for healing and help for the widowed

WE Speak

WE Speak

Hosts well-crafted live and video productions that give the widowed an opportunity to share their stories of love, life and hope

About WE Speak


Widowed Expressions, WE Speak, is a THRIVING community of hope, help and healing for the widowed. Widowed Expressions is place of help, refuge and compassion for those grieving the loss of a spouse. WE see. WE Know. WE understand. WE care. WE are WE Speak.


WE Speak loves, understands, cares and serves the widowed community, giving and sharing hope for brighter tomorrows.


Lord God we ask you to bless the widowed with your divine love. Dear Savior, please comfort, hold, grant help and healing for these precious souls grieving the loss of their spouse. Bless each and every one of us as we move in and through this season of widowhood. Bless us indeed in the name of your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ Amen.

Contact WE Speak

  •   widowedexpressions@gmail.com
  •   703-644-8082